who else wants to transform his/her life through martial arts?

We're a 1,900 sqft facility in Upland, California offering classes for kids (ages 5 through 13) and adults (ages 14 through 100) in jeet Kune Do, the filipino martial arts, thai boxing, wing chung kung fu, dog brothers martial arts, savate, the grappling arts, silat, and balintawak. we are connected with some of the wold’s finest martial arts organizations. you will get fit, be happier, feel a deeper sense of satisfaction, make some great new friends, improve your ability to learn, and feel better through training.


Our Staff

Sifu/Guro/Khru/Doctor bryanstoops


Founder/head instructor

Doctor Bryan Stoops is certified at the instructor level by some of the finest martial artists in the world. with eighteen years of experience in the martial arts, twelve years of full-time K-12 teaching experience, and an earned doctor of education degree from southern California’s university of la Verne, bryan is an expert educator who is ready to help you transform your life, or your children’s lives through martial arts.